Old Coots on Scoots

Chapter 23 Exit "0"

About Old Coots on Scoots

Rather than a motorcycle club, it is a group of older riders that just enjoy riding and have no desire for any more rules or regulations in their life. There are no officers, no president, vice president, no Sargent at arms, etc…..There is no membership committee, no electoral body, and there is no special funding or dues. There is no requirement to attend any meetings or mandatory rides. The only rule that we have and abide by, is that you cannot make any rules. The one thing we do have is a desire to ride. It does not matter what kind of Bike you ride (you’re still not going to pass Bart). You will not have to attend any monthly meetings or mandatory rides. We’re out to have a good time without any headaches. So there!

The Threefold purpose of this Group is:
To Ride.
To go somewhere good to eat.
To be home in time for a nap.

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